About Love for Syria

Since the start of the Syrian crisis in 2011, over 2 million Syrians have fled to Jordan to escape the horrors of war. Forced to abandon their homes, traumatized by war, and unsure of how to provide for their families, a small group of women began knitting.

In September 2013, Laurie traveled to Jordan with a small team of like-minded people to meet this group of Syrian women. After the initial meeting in 2013, Laurie began focusing on knitwear branding, marketing, and product distribution, while her new Syrian friends continued perfecting their craft as artisans, leading to the eventual birth of Love for Syria.

Love for Syria has formed lasting relationships with their Syrian friends and continue to be amazed by their talents as artisans and humbled by their perseverance and determination to press on, despite the immense challenges life presents them.

Love for Syria currently supports a knitting group of 60 Syrian women, each earning a monthly salary of 100JD (approx. US$140). Thirteen of the 60 are original members.
By purchasing a piece of knitwear, you're not just supporting refugees  You're rewriting someone's life story.
Laurie Hart, Founder and Director, Love for Syria
Laurie Hart, Founder and Director, Love for Syria
Katharina Borszik
Katharina Borszik

Meet Katharina

After hearing Laurie speak about Love for Syria’s work at a local church, Katharina approached her, asking how her skills as a photographer could best be utilized.  In February 2018, the two traveled to Jordan together, where Katharina got an intimate look into the lives of the knitters and their families.  The photographs and video Katharina took on that trip have given Love for Syria’s family of supporters a portrait of the life of a Syrian refugee.  Katharina remains inspired by the perseverance of the knitters, and offers all of her services to the glory of God.



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